Your Annual Membership to the PWARC helps support the many projects and activities we provide. We have one of the lowest membership rates in the area.

There are 2 membership levels to choose from, Individual or Family. Individuals are $15 per year and Families are $25 per year.

There are many different things to consider When buying a new home, for example price: your new property is going to have to fit into your budget
Location: You need to decide where you want to live. …
Size: When buying a new home, you need to think about the size of the dwelling you require. …
Upsizing or downsizing

Family memberships are for Families living at the same physical address but can include children that may be in school elsewhere.

Memberships are annual and start January 1st of each year. If you are a new member and join after October 1st of the year, your membership is carried over to the next year and will expire on December 31st.

You can join by emailing and he will send you a membership form to be returned with a check made out to PWARC.

If you prefer to use our online payment system from PayPal you can do that on the top right of our web site. We add a $2 processing fee to cover the PayPal transaction fee.

For more information please contact Bob Blauvelt at